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All About Us

At Essential Dog Training, we help our pet clients and their human friends make the most of their friendship. We know that each animal is different, and we work with you and your pet to provide tailor-made guidance that creates long lasting change. Whether you have a new pet or already own a pet with behavioral challenges, we are here for support. 


Having a dog is long term commitment. They are living, breathing, emotional members of our family. We strive to help owners and their dogs improve their relationships to be the best possible. We address the dog as a whole individual being, and carefully set attainable goals. We help you set healthy rules, boundaries, and structure for everyday life with your dog. We use a reward based, balanced approach to achieve Communication, Clarity, and Consistency. 

We take on a limited number of clients at any given time to ensure that you and your dog get the personal attention you both deserve. When your dog stays with us, they will get one on one care that larger facilities just can't offer.

At our 4 Acre location in central Ocean County, we can ensure that your dog will have an enjoyable experience. 


Tasha Hasbrouck

Founder & Head Trainer

Tasha has been working with animals for over three decades. As a professional trainer, Tasha has a magic touch in molding pets' behavior by building positive experiences and promoting a strong relationship between human and pet.

In her own words: 

"I grew up on a beautiful farm in Western Massachusetts. As a child, we were known as the home that took in and cared for injured and abandoned animals. I watched and helped my mother closely. This is where my journey truly began. At the age of fifteen, I got my first paying job working with animals at our local Vets' office. It became clear there was a need to help these pets and people understand each other better. Since then, I've attended countless hours of training and continue to attend classes whenever possible. I've learned from some of the top industry leaders. I also work closely with local rescues and shelters volunteering, fostering, and helping with whatever I can."

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